IMG_4762‘Eternity is very long, especially towards the end.’  (Woody Allen)


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  1. Hi Massimo,
    It’s Mo (Goldsmiths College)
    How are you and where are you?
    Danilo forwarded your blog. I love the pictures. Did you take all of them?
    There is a nice theme running through it all.
    Please tell me more.
    Very best wishes from a cold and grey London.


    • HI MOOOO!! – I just realised that it looks like the sound of a cow. Well, it was not what I had in mind. What I meant was the sound of your name is a protracted ending to signify surprise + excitement, even though the latter might be better expressed by the two exclamation marks. Anyway, yes, great to hear from you!! And yes, the pics are all mine – more to come. I took them through the years of travelling. Temporarily parked in a nondescript town in Thailand, but at least it neither cold nor grey. How are you?


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